Evidence Based Medicine Homepage for COVID-19

This site is dedicated to providing health care providers information on treating COVID-19

University of Minnesota faculty and fellows and M Health Fairview systems staff have partnered to review the ever-expanding literature (pre-printed and peer-reviewed) to identify the level of evidence each publication supports and how those findings might influence rapidly evolving patient care.

For Health Care Providers:

Providing physicians, advanced practice providers and residents across the world treating COVID-19 patients up to date information regarding the standard of care for COVID-19.

Evidence Based Reviews

We provide recommendations on various therapies and topics related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our recommendations are based on an extensive search for research from a wide range of sources.

Evidence Based Reviews page

COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines

We develop treatment guideline recommendations based on our reviews of the latest treatment information.
We are also collecting guidelines recommendations from various institutions from around the world.

COVID-19 Guidelines Page